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Customer since 2024.

Amy Ellzey

Full Image Consultant

I am a Full Image Consultant with the United Kingdom based consulting company: Colour Me Beautiful.

I have practiced dressmaking since my youth, studied fashion at the Paris American Academy in the 1980s and have always been fascinated with beauty in nature and design.

Later that decade I had a life-changing experience when I had my colours and style analyzed by an image professional. I have enjoyed seeing the world (and international design) through my experience in the hotel and university education travel industries.

My attention shifted to home education as my husband and I raised our six children. Throughout the years I have often been asked to help with individual’s shopping and style.

Since our children have left home and attended University, I have been able to devote more attention to helping others find their personal style and best colours to shop and dress more confidently and successfully.

I derive great pleasure in the joy I witness in my clients when I find their most flattering colors and style.